Lay-out & design: Dino Ignacio (Binary Soup)
Art direction: Francis Reyes
Photography: John Tronco (Ogrudek)
Model: Ms. Joey Mead
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Catalog Number: ASIA CD 055 [CD] / ASIA 55 [Cassette]
Record Label: Greatest East Asia / BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.
Release Date: September 11, 1997

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Side E:    
01. Prologue
02. Futuristic  
03. Kaliwete
04. Milk And Money  
05. Bogchi Hokbu  
06. Maalalahanin  
07. Balikbayan Box  
08. Andalusian Dog  
09. Ha Ha Ha  
Not Side E:    
10. Downtown
11. Kananete  
12. Hard To Believe  
13. Everything They Say  
14. Spoliarium
15. Ambi Dextrose  
16. Para Sa Masa
17. Sticker Happy  
18. Tapsilogue    

Produced by Eraserheads & Robin Rivera
Recorded & mixed at Tracks Studios by Angee Rozul
"Prologue" & "Tapsilogue" recorded & mixed at EJL Studios by Eric Lava
Acoustic piano on "Para Sa Masa" recorded at Cinema Audio by Dindo Aldecoa
All tracks digitally-mastered & assembled at EJL Studios by Robin Rivera, Eric Lava & Eraserheads


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