sticker happy

Come with me (4x)


Assaulted by the scent of Chinese food

Ambushed by the weather

CD collector take me 

To your beeper bleeder


Talking 2 my calculator

Techno electronic

Take the red train 2 your

Neon Hieroglyphics baby


Come with me

Sticker happy!



I found the bootleg golden n

Dissing 2 be clever

Claustrophobic living spaces

Hello kitty photo sticker


Chasers party back pack mission

Beer and calamari

PC 2 wear IO vision

Midi trigger hippie


I'm not alone misunderstood

I'm 5 and up

I find my best is never good

Sunny side up


Sticka!  Sticka!  Sticka!  Stick her happy!