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Dino Ignacio (Fractal Cow Studio)

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5-Track EP

Catalog # ASIA CDS25 / ASIA S25

Greater East Asia / BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.

Release: June 1997
Remastered release ("The Heads Set"): September/October 2010

type a:
policewoman *

type b:
bananatype / i can't remember you
tikman **

Produced by Robin Rivera except "Tikman" by Eraserheads
Tracks 1, 3 & 4 recorded at Tracks Studio

Engineered & mixed by Angee Rozul

Track 2 recorded at JR Recording Studios

Engineered & mixed by Lito Palco

Track 5 recorded at EJL Recording Studios

Engineered & mixed by Mark Laccay

* originally recorded for the soundtrack of the 1995 movie, "Run Barbi Run";
despite the liner notes' claim that "This is the first time Policewoman will be commercially available", this track has actually surfaced on the BMG various artists compilation, "Best OPM Collection - Vol. 5" way before the release of "Bananatype"

** originally recorded & used as a commercial jingle for Burger Machine's "Bart Burger"

Production Notes:
1st day of studio sessions started on January 21, 1997 Monday


Lyrics c/o Alekz & Dawn's E-Smallroom.Com Archives
Promo poster c/o Dhaey De Vera

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