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Catalog Number: ASIA CD 100 [CD] / ASIA 100 [Cassette]
Record Label: Greater East Asia / BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.
Release Date: April 20, 1999

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Side One:    
01. Sinturong Pangkaligtasan
02. Dahan Dahan  
03. Kahit Ano  
04. Sino Sa Atin  
05. Maselang Bahaghari  
06. Tama Ka  
07. May Sumasayaw  
08. Peace It Together  
Side Two:    
09. Salamin
10. Pop Machine  
11. Kilala  
12. Huwag Kang Matakot  
13. South Superhiway  
14. 68 Dr Sixto Antonio Ave.  
15. Game! Tama Na!  
16. United Natins (Immigration Interrogation Doughpdog Mix) *    

Produced by Robin Rivera & Eraserheads
Recorded mixed, tweaked, edited, animated, cut, copied, pasted, mastered, and whatnot by Angee Rozul at Tracks Studios
Additional recording & editing by Eric Lava at EJL Studios
Executive Producer: Rudy Y. Tee
A&R: Vic Valenciano & Romel Sanchez

* unlisted hidden track; it comes in about 3 seconds after "Game! Tama Na!" ends; this was later track-split & credited in "The Heads Set" (2010)

"Natin99" was initially planned to be released as an "Enhanced CD" but it never happed. Below are excerpts from Jim Ayson's article from, dated May 18, 1999:

In keeping with the technology theme, Natin99 was supposed to have been the first Philippine audio CD released commercially as an "enhanced CD" - meaning a regular audio CD with multimedia elements playable on Macs and Windows PCs.

"This isn't like Gary V's 'Interactive' CD ROM which was an interactive CD ROM that happened to have audio tracks," said our source at LIPS. "This is a regularly priced CD that just happens to have something extra thrown in, like many foreign CDs coming out today."

The multimedia section was supposed to have included the new video of "With A Smile" directed by Ely Buendia and Mark Villena (nominated for this year's MTV Video Music Awards) and some interactive items such as screen savers, desktop themes and the like.

Unfortunately we just learned that the multimedia content, developed by DPSI's multimedia group, was not going to be included in the CD after all due to time contraints - or at least, not if the album was going to be released in the stores on time.

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