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Cynthia Bauzon
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Catalog Number: ASIA CD 020 [CD] / ASIA 20 [Cassette]
Record Label: Greater East Asia / BMG Records (Pilipinas), Inc.
Release Date: December 6, 1996

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North of Nowhere:    
01. Fruitcake *
02. Shadow  
03. Flat Tire  
04. Shadow Boxes Accountants  
05. Gatekeeper  
06. Old Fashioned Christmas Carol  
07. Styrosnow  
08. Trip To Jerusalem
09. Shadow Reads The News Today, Oh Boy    
10. Fruit Fairy  
11. The Fabulous Baker Boy  
South of Somewhere:    
12. Lord Of The Rhum
13. Lightyears  
14. Christmas Ball  
15. Monovirus  
17. Rise And Shine  
18. Santa Ain't Comin' No Mo'  
19. Christmas Party  
20. Hitchin' A Ride  
21. Christmas Morning  
22. Merry Christmas Everybody Happy New Year Too **    

Produced by Robin Rivera
Recorded & mixed at Tracks Studios by Angee Rozul
Digitally mastered at EJL Studios by Eric Lava & Robin Rivera
"Lightyears" string section recorded at Cinema Audio by Dindo Aldecoa

* This version is the "Album Version" which is slightly different from the "Single Version."
* The song ends with the line, "...she ran away from home"

** Track 22 on CD ("Merry Christmas Everybody Happy New Year Too"); it starts with the sound a 'modem, dial-up connecting to the internet'
- unlisted CD track (listed on the credits only) / unlisted on the cassette tape format
- currently listed in all audio streaming platforms
- a 32-second "backmasked" snippet is used as an intro to the album - [listen to the audio]

A companion "Fruitcake" storybook was released a couple of months later following the album

Working Titles:

Sales Record:
3X Platinum - 120,000 as of late January 1997

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