Art direction & design: Mario Joson with Gomatao
& Grace Torres
Cover art: Mark Justiniani
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Catalog Number: MRCD-050 [CD] / MRMC-050 [Cassette]
Record Label: Musiko Records / BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.
Release Date: November 4, 1994

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Act I:    
01. Bato
02. Sembreak  
03. Alapaap  
04. Hey, Jay  
05. Minsan  
06. Punk Zappa +  
07. Insomya  
08. With A Smile
Act II:  
09. Alkohol  
10. Wishing Wells  
11. Kailan  
12. No Royalty Album Filler No. 9  
13. Magasin  
14. Butterscotch  
15. Sa Wakas  
16. Prof. Banlaoi's Transcendental Medication After Every Six Months Or Punk Zappa Three +  
17. Wating *  
18. Kailan Lounge *  

Produced by Robin Rivera
Engineered by Lito Palco
Recorded & mixed at JR Recording Studios except "Kailan" & "Kailan Lounge" recorded at Cinema Audio & engineered by Dindo Aldecoa
"Kailan" taken from the play "Manhid"
"Wating" recorded at PM Recording Studios
All songs mixed by Lito Palco except "Sa Wakas", "Minsan" & "Wating" mixed by Robin Rivera
Executive Producers: Buddy Medina & Rudy Tee
A&R direction: Vic Valenciano

+ album fillers
* secret track on cassette; this is the "lounge version" of "Kailan"

** CD only bonus track; theme from the 1994 movie of the same title starring Richard Gomez & Carmina Villaroel; the last part of the song features Carmina Villaroel on vocals

This album proved their naysayers wrong - that they're just a flash-in-the-pan, a one-hit-wonder act.
This album churned out 5 successive Number 1 hits: "Kailan", "Magasin", Alapaap", "With A Smile" & "Sembreak"

Sales Record:
3X Platinum in one night!
Gold - 20,000 copies in 1 month
5X Platinum - 200,000 copies as of last counting

Platinum = 40,000 units sold per PARI's standards

- "Kailan" was originally from the U.P. musical, "Manhid". It's original title was "Huwag Mo Akong Ha-hagkan", with slightly different lyrics - [original lyrics]

- In June 1994, Eraserheads manager, Ann Angala & Claire Agbayani had a soiree at the Hiraya Gallery on UN Ave. and they met Mark Justiniani, who eventually did a painting that soon became the cover of Circus.

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