Cover illustration by Arnold Arrre
Graphic design and layout by Cynthia Bauzon Arre

[DVD / Digitally-Remastered]

Box Set Catalog Number: 8-86974-90052-8
(P) & (C) 2004 BMG Records (Pilipinas), Inc. / 2010 Sony Music Entertainment (Philippines), Inc.
(Part of the box set, "The Heads Set" - Promo release on September 7, 2010

Format: DVD [NTSC / All Region]

Matrix Information:
Mirror band: 10052008
Plastic hub: IFPI 2121

01. Intro
02. Ramdomizer  
03. Harana  
04. Hitback (Tindahan Ni Aling Nena)  
05. Animals Outdoors/Hard To Believe  
06. Rise And Shine  
07. Minsan  
08. Alapaap  
09. Torpedo  
10. Superproxy  
11. Buko/Overdrive  
12. Kaliwete/Magasin  
13. Kailan  
14. Thank You (Sa Lahat Ng Masa)  

Conceptualized, created & edited by Calculus Caligulus (aka Marcus Adoro)


Complete production credits, details & lyrics in "The Heads Set" book

Download Info:
This title is currently out-of-print in any physical format and unavailable on official digital downloads.
Until a DVD re-issue &/or official download becomes available, feel free to download and share the music and legacy of "The One Pinoy Band That Mattered: Eraserheads."

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