Art director: Cynthia Bauzon


PILLBOX - Volume 3

Issue Number: 3 *
International Standard Serial Number: none
Publisher: BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.
Release Date: 1998
Price: PhP 98

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- Pillmate Of The Month: The Most Scrumptious Chick with Luscious Legs Unveiled! Hot Hot Hot!!!
- Read About Ely's Heated Banana
- Raimund Reveals His Rhythm Method
- Discover the Power Of Marcus' Crystal Balls
- Check Out Buddy's Wet One
- And Noel Bares ALL!!!

- UnHEADulterated FUN!
- Gels on Film!

Editor: Marie Jamora

Published by:
(C) 1998 BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.

Don't get confused! T
his is the sequel to the first Pillbox; intentionally called, Pillbox "3" just for the heck of it!
This magazine is already out-of-print!

* PDF courtesy of Marvin Federio

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