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Facebook Groups:
There are gazillion of Eraserheads & Eheads-inspired groups & pages on Facebook! They just keep coming (& going!). Most of them, if not all, are "unofficial" pages.
Here are two pages that I recommend:

Eraserheads (1989-Forever)
- this is the new group created on April 21, 2019 as a result of the hijacking of the original Facebook group, 'Eraserheads Forever (The Greatest Filipino Band Ever)'

The Eraserheads Combo Nation
- just another eheads facebook group but this is the group this website "officially endorse" =)

Eraserheads Collectors Society
- this is for the hardcore Eraserheads memorabilia collectors who are into buying, selling and trading

Eraserheads Forever (The Greatest Filipino Band Ever) -> unfortunately, this was hijacked/hacked in April 2019, and the creator & administrators were removed; for now, it is suggested that you don't join this group
- one of the first Eheads groups on Facebook and currently has the most number of members & is the most active!

Interact with the EHeads!
Ely Buendia
twitter: @elybuendia9000 [ July 2012 - July 24, 2015 ] / @elybuendia9001 <- current
instagram: @elybumbilya
email: pupilopolis@gmail.com *

Raymund Marasigan
instagram: @raymsmercygun
twitter: @raymsmercygun
email: asmatik88@yahoo.com *

Marcus Adoro
instagram: @adoromarcus2020 <- showcasing his paintings / @marcusadoros <- private account / @marcusadoro <- private account
facebook.com/marcusadoro.SurfhouseLaU <- deactivated
twitter: @marcusadoro <- last tweet on Oct. 15, 2013
email: eggpie_dashwood@yahoo.com *

Buddy Zabala
instagram: @buddyzabala
twitter: @buddyzabala <- doesn't exist anymore
email: gurney71@yahoo.com *

* last publicly-known email address; may not be working anymore

Yahoo Groups (Mailing Lists / Community):
- the band-approved mailing list since August 1998; managed by PhilMusic.Com (hosted by Yahoo Groups; originally on eGroups). Though currently inactive due to members opting to use the facebook groups instead, it is considered to be the original, "grandaddy" of Eheads social media! You need to have a Yahoo ID or email address inorder to join. You can also join by sending a blank email to: eraserheads-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Yahoo has officially stopped hosting contents in Yahoo Groups as of December 14, 2019. Thus, the group is officially dead!

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