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Date: Fri Dec 11, 1998 5:46am
Subject: LEMON speaks out....!

the following is an excerpt from the drummer's email. it tackles the issues of: the "infamous" lemonaid site, "small room" samples, "eheads" updates & his "sandwich" gig sked....natin tayo diyan...schizome! =)

= www.eraserheads.com/lemonaid =

anyway regarding that site
the domain name is actually owned by dino ignacio
the artist who did the cover 4 sticker happy
the band is supposed to commission him to make an official website 4 us
but lately both parties have been quite hectic
so meanwhile hes been using the site to keep his
"art " projects those r actually fake nudes he makes 4 people who send
him pictures to work with
the band has nothing 2 do with it and we dont mean to disrespect
anybody so peace y'all

= "small room" samples =

here's the lowdown on small room
small room was intended to b a last minute filler
4 aloha
the main reason being
sa tape bitin yung isang side
from what i can remember hehehe
eto yung list of samples

piano intro is from fruitcake the album one of those short interludes
by buddy
the percussion loop is from hitchin a ride also from fruitcake
the main drum loop is from a sample cd a slowed down jungle break
the 1st guitar break is from the ending in bato (circus)
the 2nd guitar break includes the solo in yoko (cutterpillow)
the "shake shake" sample is from hehehe shake ur head (ultra...)
the guitars in the end r from butterscoth (circus)
"uno , dos" is from the intro of combo on the run (ultra...)
the violins r from light years (fruitcake)
the lyrics r secret hehehe sori

= eheads news =

to whom it may concern

the eheads just finished shooting the video for the next asian single
"with a smile"
and "spoliarium"
kailangang gumawa ng bagong video sa w/ a smile luma na yung isa e
yun ang napili ng mga rep ng bmg asia
the band is currently recording the next album for next year
tentatively titled "natin99"

= sandwich sked =

as 4 my other band sandwich
we have gigs on the ff dates
dec 12 nu 107 alternativity edsa shangrila 2pm
dec 13 mayrics espana with the pin up girls
dec 14 bistro 70s anonas qc
dec 23 peps alabang with razorback
dec 27 mayrics with the pin up girls
dec 30 mayrics with color it red

+++ the end +++

from an email sent by Raimund Marasigan to Schizo for the Circus mailing list / Message #1843

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