"Small Room", track 11 from "Aloha Milkway" (1998) has no lyrics on the album's CD sleeve/cassette j-card. The following is a fan transcription only. This is not an official lyrics to the song so this may not be 100% accurate.

"timoti batak" <red_elf616@...> wrote:

Pasensya na kung naglakas ng loob ako i-decipher ng misteryosong lyrics
ng SmallRoom, Na-challenge lang ako! :) Clap-clap muna dyan!
Better check this out yourself...beybi! I'll be happy to hear your
comments kun may mali ako, okay.  Enjoy lang kayo...:)

Small room...retired
and now burnin' in our eyes
and now all...down the ground
and it's old...though not the same

'Tis bedroom in my mind
I love too many parts
And I want not to say
and I want another life...

Swimming in my show'r
I wanted down some more
A moonlight outside
I wonder who's outside...


fill them,

as posted by circusfreak, Tim Batac, in the Eraserheads yahoogroups mailing list
From: red_elf616@...
Around late 1998 (?)

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