Early 2003
Even after the "disintegration" of the band, fans have since been wishing for a release of an Eraserheads box set, of sort.

September 2008
After the "first" historical reunion on August 30, 2008, MYX magazine editor-in-chief, Andre Allan Alvarez, wrote in his "Editor's Note" for the special Eraserheads issue (Oct.-Nov. 2008) the ff:

"Through the years, I have worked with Vic on many occasions though I don't think he remembers me from that job interview. Ironically enough, I'm dealing with him now regarding the Eraserheads boxed set project."

March 2009
After the historical "The Final Set" reunion concert, rumors of a box set release have picked-up.

April 1, 2009
E-heads fan & Circus lister, schizo posted an "April Fool's Day Joke" (w/ a link at the end that re-directed fans to his Eheads Circus bootlegs download page!)
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April 2009
During an interview, Ely Buendia confirms a planned release of a box set.

February 3, 2010 Wednesday
NU107 launches a promo for the upcoming box set, "The Heads Set", to be released in March. This confirms the forthcoming release of a box set & its title.
Actual URL: [dead link]

View: [screengrab of flash animation] / [promo page info] / [info box] / [background image]

March 2010
Accdg. to the NU107 promo, "The Heads Set" was supposed to be released this month but it never happened! =(

May 31, 2010 Wednesday
Accdg. to various blogs, Sony Music Phils. will release "The Heads Set" and was scheduled for release in June!

Message from the official Facebook page of Sony Music Philippines:
Actual URL: [dead link]

Hello Everyone!
Watch out for the HEADS SET! It will be hitting the market this June. 11 CDs and more. Add their FB account and get the latest updates. Here's the link to their account

June 1, 2010
Pupil band manager, Day Cabuhat confirms the release of the box set on the Eraserheads Mailing List, "Circus"...a few more posts/replies.

Message # 135721 - June 1, 2010; 11:50 pm
Subject: heads set
hopefully june 11 nga, the cds and booklet are currently printing and t-shirts are in the pipeline as well =)

Message # 135725 - June 2, 2010; 1:11 am
Subject: re: inquiry

hi, yup, the albums and bka may eps and stuff recorded at electric lady studios, t-shirt, booklet and dvd popumentary =)

Message # 135761 - June 3, 2010; 2:28 am
Subject: re: heads set
haha! =)! lunch box meron! wala lang, sorry couldnt resist

June 10, 2010 Thursday
Day Cabuhat also posts info of a possible delay of release.

Message # 135866 - June 10, 2010; 10:12 pm
re: The Heads Set: First Come-First Served
no it isnt, sorry. hopefully within this june =)

June 11, 2010 Friday
"The Heads Set" was supposed to be released on this date but it never happened! =(

August 10, 2010 Tuesday
- Greenwich Pizza & Pasta Launch for "Bigatin Overload Pizzas" (Shrimp and Garlic Overload and Hungarian Sausage and Bacon Overload) and "Pizza Cookie with Butterfingers" @ SM Megamall; 5 box sets were raffled off for the attendees/media/bloggers.

- An exclusive video preview was posted for the first time on by Eraserheads fan & Circus lister, Sharlyn Ang.

Direct Link:

The Eraserheads Box Set Gets A Preview - - Aug. 13, 2010
[archived page]


August 11, 2010 Wednesday
At a Greenwich Pizza & Pasta event the previous night, 5 advance copies of the box sets are raffled off to the media & bloggers at the event. One of them are featured on these blogs by Eheads fans & Circus listers, Sharlyn Ang & Karla Redor.

"Finally Touched the Eraserheads “The Heads Set”!"

"Why hello there Eraserheads The Heads Set"


August 30, 2010 Monday
Graphic designer & Circus lister, "Tonemaster" reveals a promo teaser for a still-secret "Greenwich Pizza" promo for the box set on his blog site; it was also announced on the Circus Mailing List the next day, August 31st.

September 1, 2010 Wednesday
Greenwich PR, Harold Geronimo, posted on his Twitter account:

"Eraserheads Limited Edition Headset that comes w/ their 10 CD albums and shirt exclusively sold in Greenwich stores starting Sept. 6.'"

September 2, 2010 Thursday
A graphic teaser for the "Eraserheads" promo appears on the Greenwich website

1. On the upper right corner of the home page's splash image is a partially-exposed picture of the Eraserheads - [view screengrab]
2. When you place the cursor over it, it exposes more of the image - [view screengrab]
3. When clicked, a full-image teaser appears - [view screengrab]

September 6, 2010 Monday
Promo mechanics was released via the mailing list, Circus. The promo was scheduled to start on this day but was delayed until the next day, Sept. 7.

A. Collect And Own
Get an Eheads card from any Greenwich store and collect 6 Eheads stickers to get the Eraserheads CD set for free!

[view card: front / back] - Thanks to Circus lister, Dhaey De Veyra
[view a partially-used card] - Thanks to Circus lister, ?
[view in-store poster] - Thanks to Circus lister, Erwin Solana

B. Eat And Own, Instantly!
1 Bigatin Barkada Feast I (Double Thin Crust Overload Pizza, 4 Pcs. Chicken, 2 Spaghetti Bowls, 4 Rice, 1 Softdrink Pitcher) / 1 Eheads CD Set; For Only PhP 2,499.

[view purchase receipt] - Thanks to Circus lister, CheChe Pido

Promo from Sept. 6 to Oct. 31, 2010

September 7, 2010 Tuesday
Promo started today and the box sets were available at most Greenwich stores. This also applied to home deliveries. A special phone jingle was used when calling the delivery hotline: 5-55-55 Delivery
[Download the jingle's MP3] - thanks to Circus lister, XTA

September 9, 2010 Thursday
The Greenwich Pizza website gets updated & reveals a special splash image & details for the Eraserheads box set promo.
[view screengrab] / [view image]

October 31, 2010 Sunday
The Greenwich "The Heads Set" promo was supposed to end today but was extended until November 30th.

November 30 , 2010 Tuesday
The promo ended today. Some Greenwich stores gave away their promo display posters to hardcore Eraserheads fans & collectors! =)

January 31 , 2011
The promo extension ended today.

June 2013

"The Heads Set" was made available again as one of the prizes to be won for Greenwich Pizza & Pasta's new promo, "Overloaded Lunch Meals: Instant Prize Deals."
[view promo ad]

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