Box Set Catalog #: 8-86974-90052-8
Number of Pages : approx. 112 (excluding the cover)
(P) & (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment (Philippines), Inc.
(part of the box set, "The Heads Set" - promo release on Sept. 7, 2010)


The Eraserheads and History - by Robin Daniel Z. Rivera / 15 January 2009; p. 7
Discography - p. 36 *

Gusto Mo Bang Sumama? - Eraserheads travel photos & pics with fans; p. 91 **

* the complete production credits, details & lyrics! (also with typos & missing lines!!!)
** lots of never-before-seen promo, live & tour photos
** photos with the fans (as submitted by the fans per NU107 promo, Feb. 8 - Mar. 5, 2010

Cover illustration by Arnold Arre
Graphic design and layout by Cynthia Bauzon Arre
Photos are courtesy of Ann Angala-Shy, Day Cabuhat, Marie Jamora and the Pillbox files


Despite it being part of the box set, copies of the book have been sold "individually" in the black market. The books (probably overstock and/or reject copies), may have been leaked by people connected to Sony Music Philippines, Greenwich Pizza or Pasta or the printing company/publisher. They were reportedly being sold on the sidewalks along Quezon Blvd. near Raon in the Quiapo, Manila area and other places.

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