[Promotional CD Single]

Catalog Number: ASIA CDS 45
Record Label: Greatest East Asia / BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.
Release Date: Late 1997

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01. Milk And Money
02. Hard To Believe  
03. Andalusian Dog

Recorded by Angee Rozul at Tracks, Manila, Philippines
Mixed by John Seymour at Electric Lady Studios,
New York, NY, U.S.A. in September 1997
Executive Producer: Rudy Y. Tee
A&R: Vic Valenciano & Romel Sanchez

* aka "The New York Mixes" among fans; "Electric Lady Mixes" as labeled on the "Dirty Little Treasures" CD,
from the box set, "The Heads Set" - Sept. 2010 (but they actually messed up & still used the old versions)

All tracks are slightly different from the album versions

Download Info:
This title was released for promotional use only. Usually given away to the press, radio and television media for review and airplay. This was never sold commercially and is unavailable on any official digital downloads.
Feel free to download and share the music and legacy of "The One Pinoy Band That Mattered: Eraserheads."

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