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[Self-Produced Promotional CD EP]

Catalog Number: none
Matrix: none
Record Label: self-released / independent
Release Date: August 2002

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01. Please Transpose *
02. U Make Me
03. Everything Is  
04. I Centric  
05. Lahat  
06. It's Not
07. Dahan Dahan **  
08. Paru Parong Ningning ***  

Produced by Eheads
Recorded using Buddy's Boss BR8 HDR 8-track recorder
Bass and guitar tracks recorded at Buddy, Marcus and Kris' homes
Vocal tracks recorded at Thirdline Studios
Additional production done at The Squid Crib

* an 8-sec. intro
** re-recording/remake from the 1999 album, "Natin 99"
*** re-recording/remake from the 1995 album, "Cutterpillow"

Credited as "Eheads" only (not as "Eraserheads") and features new singer, Kris Gorra-Dancel (of "Fatal Posporos")
A limited number of this CD-R was produced.

Working Titles:
As originally reported by circusfreak, Jojan, in the Eraserheads Mailing List on July 25, 2002:

"Pls. Transpose"
1. U Make Me Feel So Good
2. Everything's Falling
3. Center Of The Universe
4. Wala Ka Na
5. It's Not You it's Me
6. Dahan-Dahan
7. Paru-Parung Ningning

Download Info:
This title was released for promotional use only. Usually given away to the press, radio and television media for review and airplay. This was never sold commercially and is unavailable on any official digital downloads.
Feel free to download and share the music and legacy of "The One Pinoy Band That Mattered: Eraserheads."

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