[Advance Promotional CD-R]

Catalog Number: none
Record Label: Greater East Asia / BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.
Release Date: April 1998

01. Tamagochi Baby *
02. Julie Tearjerky  
03. Saturn Return  
04. Scorpio Rising  
05. Milk And Money  
06. Downtown  
07. Trip To Jerusalem
08. Andalusian Dog  
09. Hard To Believe  
10. Fruitcake  
11. Small Room  
12. Ambi Dextrose  
13. With A Smile
14. Ang Huling El Bimbo  

A very limited number of this CD-R was "burned"; 3 CD-Rs were sent to the headquarters of BMG Records International (New York, NY) in May 1998.
The first two tracks' order is different from that of the official release which is "Julie Tearjerky" first, then next is "Tamagotchi Baby."
The album cover sleeve was black & white inkjet-produced cardstock prints; The discs were branded gold CD-Rs.

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