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production notes by Marcus Adoro

carbonara a la marc

- that mooing sound is the theremin followed by buddy noises on one of the guitars, theres the bleeps courtesy of ely, the band comes in. We havent used much feedback in this album in fact we tracked only 2 (palamig) at medyo gusto ko pa but i didnt know which song to put feedback and or weird noises on so i made it a point to some on this one. The next day i had 5 guitars 3 amps 1 mini amp 1 mini theremin which i picked up in japan, arranged in semi circle on the the floor in one corner of the Tracks studio 1 live room and all the fx available that day-ser robin baptised this the guitar altar, i dont know why, you sed goodbye. raymund was missing that day. we made some noises tracked it and it was used as intro and outro as well.
Anyway, (this song is in key OD as most of the songs in this album are)
Ely introes with the original riff, then i come in after the 8th count. It was the boogie guitar thru rp7s wah. the lines in the verses i just made up in the studio i had the repeating figure in the choruses rehearsed the night before (it did not cut thru until after the adlib. i let ely mix this). i already liked elys ad lib (panned right in the mix) but he asked me to make one and i pretended i had one just to impress sancho who was there. all i knew was the first note. i had it in 2nd take but i dont know how i did it. ely said it was good and so it was. bong commented it sounded african.

- (Am) i was determined to play this song backwards so i learned it by reversing the track in soundforge sonic it was disorienting at first but fun and cool. playing it at home and performing it at the studio was 2 different things entirely because i had all my analog fx lined up and i had all this super hero fx in mind (its loudest during the breakdown...) which changes from verse to verse that made me chacha the whole time. i had gotten pretty much used to the song played backwards ive forgotten about the engineer and how hard it was for him to mark the spots with the reel playing backwards. after 3 hours angee decided to quit on it and passed the session to buboy rescheduled some weeks later. the backwards guitar is a yamaha studio lord dropped A tuning. I also used a Takamine 12string ecoustic electric (courtesy of pinwhill's lagoon naa nung ikaw ay marating kowoh) which i put thru elys 1680 for distortion. we tracked this much much later (i had my own 12string then)

- (D) it has this descending intro and i had abbas chiquitita intro in mind . I used elys Fender Strat and doubled it with an acoustic which was tuned not dropped, down to D ( had to play the song in E). That picked guitars right after the reggaeish part is Ely and me playing together. i like the mix. theres also this keyboard sounding guitar doing pop-paaa during the verses. the strat thru the rp7. We had chinese food thAt night.

- this is from a demo i made during the Natin99 sessions which had only the first and second verse. di daw bagay sa natin theme...This song was originally written to gradually speed up at the end (which was the main reason why its so slow!) but Raymund thought it was too long...its only 9 mins. I used a Takamine 6 strings and double tracked it. Raymund played some cool reverby guitars here the one in the narration. Buddy and Elys mysteriously got erased during mixdown.

- It took me a long time to figure out what to do with this song coz its sounds as if its already done (raymund put some reverby guitars here very early in the recording), the bass notes are busy as well as most of the guitars. I remembered George Harrisons Bangladesh Concert Which I had in vcd. The show was opened by sitarist Ravi Shankar and his gang and what caught my attention was this girl plucking an upright 4stringed instrument all throughout the jam, and if I was right she was not fingering the frets at all just repeating the drone/plucked pattern. I open tuned my jagstang to D(D-A-D-A-A-D) and tweaked the eq in the rp7. I strummed it in between raymunds notes which was very tricky since i dont see a logical pattern and he insist otherwise. I had to map in my notebook when his notes comes in. this is edited and it only comes during the second verse but it is there on the quieter parts of the song. too bad it was buried in the mix but youll hear it if you play it louder, i had the mix all visuallized in my head and the final mix could have been better if i wasnt late that night. wasnt too happy with the final edit. the acoustic guitar shouldn't be in the right channel whatever! where my guitar is (since they share almost the same freq) and raymunds guitar shouldnt have been panning (maybe its just me getting too anal)...angees touch was ok though. i doubled the melody in the middle chorus (inukit) using the second and third string which were tuned A-A.

- i remembered we made a demo of this in san dimas california in russels house. pre glugglugglug pre hehe. we recorded in a walkman and tracked the guitars bass and vocals in my notebook. good thing raymund got the sonic foundry installer.
during the intros and the choruses i used the yamaha sl tuned to open A, put it thru a wah, split the signal from wahc to stereo, the left signal passing thru a bad ass phaser then to buddys bass amp, the right channel thru a delay to my 22watts still no 1 million notes per second pathfinder vox. i was determined to use the whammy bar in this song to complement with the phaser to achieve that giniginaw/malakas na hangin effect. I doubled tracked it and was panned hard. ngiiii!!!. in the verses i just let the guitar feedback to edit later, i fooled depressing around with the whammy and feedback during the adlib. ely liked the feedback so did raymund but he thought the whammy going against the meloody. whatever. In the verses i used again the split stereo guitars now going thru a delay-rp7for stereo,panning and delay, then the left to a fhaser right to an envelop filter or vise versa. the guitar lines during the was just sumthing to fill the spaces but it trails off like a didgeridoo or a synth so it was cool. the chorus lines was sumthing i sure did steal from whom i still cant figure...tin tintinin tin tintintin. maybe its a line from pula which i stole elsewhwere. i had sumthing tracked as an adlib but they did not put in the final mix ok na daw yun feedback(ha?).

-i was thinking of classic 4 on da floorrock arrangement because of the structure but they had blur in mind. it turned out to be an fx galore. i was late during the guitar and much was already laid down so i just put some with delays and a tremole and that keyboard sounding guitar na tunog goldie daw.

- another one of those with The Cure painted all over, so the challenge was how to do the opposite. The original intro was played by ely then i had this delay/phaser/wha that goes tuwooottuwooottingalingaling . In the choruses i used dropped A yamaha sl that went thru Raymons pod and i doubled this using a wah wah. I used the epiphone v which only had two strings (second and third tuned both in A the one slightly out of tune) that time sixteen notes nyee counter melody nyeeh!! in the intro and verses. Theres lots of delay part and a one take sancho and me freakout/delay/wah tweaking. Can you hear the how far descendin theme somewhere?

- they just showed snippets of the movie...not flash! but... on tv i think this is what inspired the guitar parts. I was also listening to madonnas cd music which had lots of analog fx going. theres also this clean strat repeating the snare and doubling the melody throughout. i love the groovy. sabi ni bong mapapasayaw ka kahit bingi ka. Elys guitar sounds so much like its a syth or sumthing

- If there was gothic surf then this is it. I had big waves in mind and some surferdude surfing his life out while I was doing thee guitars. dont ask me why cause i havent tried it yet. Lots of reverb and chorus and delay. Elys guitars were mostly digital processed and were recorded separately at home in his homestudio, I doubled the choruses with a paper thin sounding guiatr on a flanger.

- 12 stringsfest for me. I borrowed Pinwheels Takamine on the first days of the recording and played the parts with buddy doing acoustic rythm. The adlib was done with a 6-string semiacoustic Takamine which I borrowed from Sanchos arsenal. I had to retake all the 12 strings during on the later part of the recording I bought me a 12 string then cause ive fallen in love with the sound. The music was old but the melody i just stiched together in my new pad one day because i was missing an old friend. The Em-FM7 i stole from Yanos Mercy. The original version was much longer and i had lots of arguments with Raymund with the time signatures. hehe. I did not want to let go of the adlib (5 (plus half an and-this delays the downbeat for one and unit.damn! somebody with a calculator notate)-4-5 (plus half and)4-5-5-2-2-2 yata . Pink Floyd Nick Drake edie Brickell Flaming Lips (Jesus Song #666) Yano Yoko Ono and and popong country. Go figure. Ray edited and i reedited it until weve agreed. I hope we pull this off live one day. Daaaaw.

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