Album sleeve design: Cynthia Bauzon
Photo shoot art direction: Dino Ignacio
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Catalog Number: ASIA CD 95 [CD] / ASIA 95 [Cassette]
Record Label: Greater East Asia / BMG Records (Pilipinas) Inc.
Release Date: October 14, 1998 (Philippines)

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Side 1:    
01. Julie Tearjerky
02. Tamagotchi Baby  
03. Saturn Return  
04. Scorpio Rising  
05. Milk And Money  
06. Downtown *  
07. Trip To Jerusalem *
Side 2:  
08. Andalusian Dog  
09. Hard To Believe *  
10. Fruitcake **  
11. Small Room  
12. Ambi Dextrose *  
13. With A Smile
14. Ang Huling El Bimbo  

Produced by Robin Rivera
All tracks recorded & mixed by Angee Rozul at Tracks Studios except "With A Smile" by Lito Palco at JR Recording Studios and "Ang Huling El Bimbo" by Lito Palco with Robin Rivera & the Eraserheads at JR Recording Studios
Executive Producer: Rudy Y. Tee
A&R: Vic Valenciano & Romel Sanchez
A&R Coordinator: Diego Castillo

* edit version; slightly different from the album version:
"Downtown" - the sampled line, "Hey whatcha doin'? Going back to killing" before the beginning of the song in the album version was edited out
"Trip To Jerusalem" - the "Spin, spin, now spinning around" lines in the last part of the song in the album version was edited out
"Hard To Believe" - the countdown intro, ", two, three, four" in the album version was edited out
"Ambi Dextrose" - the "cow moo" sound effect in the album version was edited out

** "Fruitcake" - the single version is used

This compilation album was originally intended for release in Southeast Asia only but due to high demand, was eventually released in the Philippines 2 months after the Asian release.
Cover: The Philippine release has an orange imprint in the upper-left corner that says "The Asian Album. Includes 5 new tracks. Digitally Remastered"
Disc: The Philippine release is orange with clear logo imprint, while the SE Asian release is black with an orange logo imprint.

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