Natin '99 from 'Heads

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The Philippine Star / May 13, 1999 Thursday
by Ricardo F. Lo

Natin '99 from 'Heads

The Eraserheads has just also released (BMG Records) its last album for this century, entitled Natin '99, whose carrier single is Maselang Bahaghari, by Ely Buendia, the group's vocalist who claimed to have "renovated" himself.

In a brief chat with Funfare, Ely confessed that the period between 1997 and 1998 was the worst in his life.

"I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown," he said, "I was wracked by anxiety and insecurity. I was coping with a big inferiority complex. I realized too late that I really didn't like my role as chief songwriter of the group; muntik ko nang hindi nakayanan ang pressures."

So how did he keep himself from cracking up?

"Naging therapy ko ang paggawa ng album," Ely said. "It's still work, I know, pero 'yon na rin ang therapy ko."

Part of what Ely called his "renovation" (take note: not "re-invention") is his break-up early this year with his live-in girlfriend of more than six years and his finding a new girl (from Parañaque) two months ago during one of the Eraserheads' concerts.

How many percent of Ely Buendia is Ely Buendia and how many percent is Eraserheads?

"Dati, I was 100 percent Eraserheads. Now, it's 50/50."

The best part of being an Eraserhead, according to Ely, is meeting a lot of people and visiting a lot of places around the world which he never thought he could do, and being able to do what he wants.

And the worst part?

Ely said he's happy with the group's Natin '99 album because all the members have each contributed a song or two, which is a fitting way of saying goodbye to the outgoing century and saying hello to the incoming one.

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