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The Philippine Star / May 23, 1999 Sunday

Four Heads are Better Than One
by Scott Garceau

When the band is asked about the use of the word "natin" (ours) in the album title, marcus suddenly speaks up: "It's kind of a magic word." "We use 'natin' for everything," addds Ely. "Like, 'Amanda Page, natin yon.'"

For the upcomin NATIN TOUR, Raimund says the band is not in any danger of perfecting their studio sound onstage. "Basically, our live show is back to basics. It's just the four of us (plus keyboardist Noel Garcia). We don't want all this digital equipment, with computer systems crashing on stage."

A film by the band is also in the works, which they're now dubbing the "Natin 99 Movie." "Of course, there'll be music involved, we're still musicians," Ely says, downplaying his interest in directing (he did the video for With A Smile). "It'll be a period piece," he adds, cryptically.

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