The following articles were originally published in "Rock & Rhythm" (Vol. 4, # 69 / 1993)

pages 37-39

Foreword: To those who still don't know who Eraserheads are, well, they're the cutesome foursome combo whose newly-released debut LP, Ultraelectromagneticpop! is currently burning cassette racks around the nation. (So buy 'coz it's good until supply lasts, sez the wise man.) Initial cuts like "Ligaya" and the anthemic "Pare Ko" are hot like pan de sal in our radio air waves. Soon enough, they'll trek the road of success and fame and fortune Side A and Artstart surely never trekked (he-he-he). Read 'em out on the following article as they make masterpiece side speak out of recording, drugs, Sanchez's hair and whatnot, including a blow-by-blow account on how each song on the album were mangled, bamboozled, and loved. Test papers supplied by the combo themselves. And flunking funkly never been so cool.
- Robert Javier

Part I:   Word Association Exam or WhatdoIthinkof:
Part II:  Essay

Robert Javier is a well-known music producer and a member of the bands, Warehouse Club & The Youth

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Excerpts from the column, "The Alternative Buzz" by Ricky Tanco

Album of the Year: Eraserheads' Ultraelectromagneticpop!
This late in the year, it's a safe bet to say that my choice as the best local album for 1993 is Ultraelectromagneticpop, the major-label debut by the Eraserheads (BMG/Musiko). Nothing this year comes close. The record is pure manic pop thrill; its heady brew of hook-filled, well-written pop will leave you giddy for days. Despite sporting one of the most "curious" mixes in a major label release (guitar and vocal mixes you wouldn't believe), the Eraserheads have produced a most unself-concious debut that will surely become the benchmark for local alternative music into the 90's...

Ricky Tanco aka Richard Tan, was band manager to bands like Parokya Ni Edgar, Teeth, The Youth, Warehouse Club, Moonstar88, Kamikazee, Typecast, Queso & more...

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