Overseas Gigography
gigs & appearances that required travel visas

"BMG Night - Sentosa Pop Music Festival"
music festival

Singapore, March 16th (Sun)

Produced by BMG Records

Note: the eheads' first ever overseas gig! it featured top-selling BMG recording artists from around the world

"a hundred years after..."
The Palace, Los Angeles, CA, USA, May 2nd (Fri)
Produced by KingInA Productions

Note: the eheads' very first u.s. show!
Refer to Pillbox 3 (p. 45)
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"eraserheads: live in concert!"
Calvin Simmons Auditorium, Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA, USA, May 10th
Produced by Beyond 3D Entertainment

"the 1997 mtv video music awards"
awards ceremony / acceptance speech
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA; September 1997
Courtesy of MTV Asia & BMG Records

Note: eraserheads won the 1997 MTV Asia Viewer's Choice Award for their video, "Ang Huling El Bimbo";
the pre-recorded speech was taped a day before the actual awards night & was later shown on the MTV Asia broadcast; a snippet of the music video was shown along with other "international winners" during the MTV "America" broadcast; the category was presented by Fiona Apple & Chris Tucker
Refer to Pillbox 3 (p. 22)

"sticker happy" promotional tour
Singapore, October 1997
Courtesy of BMG Records & MTV Asia

Note: this was a quick tour of Singapore that included various appearances & interviews for MTV Asia, in-store appearances, photo shoots and a show at the Hard Rock Cafe on October 7th
Refer to Pillbox 3 (p. 47)
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"asia live dream '98"
tv music special
NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan, February 22nd (Sun)
Produced by NHK Broadcasting

Note: this is a yearly event that features top Asian artists; to avoid legal conflicts, the Eraserheads changed the lines & title to "Tamagotchi Baby" & used "TamaSUSHI Baby" instead!; the show was later broadcast on March 5th & 6th
Refer to Pillbox 3 (p. 15)
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"the sticker happy parade! : usa - spring 1998"
Oakland - LA - New York
Presented by Happy Box

May 2 - Calvin Simmons Auditorium, HJKCC, Oakland, CA *
May 9 - John A. Sexson Auditorium, Pasadena, CA *
May 15 - Bistro Filipino, Queens, NY **
May 16 - Murry Bergtraum Hall, New York, NY **
May 17 - CBGB Lounge, New York, NY ** (promo showcase)

* Produced by Happy Box
** Produced by Mang Danny's Productions
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"sticker happy" concert
Hong Kong, July 1998

"the sticker happy parade! : usa - summer 1998"
Chicago - LA - San Diego
Presented by Happy Box

August 1 - Chicago, IL *
August 5 - The Loft, Pasadena, CA ** (guest performance at "Lokalpinoysila98"; featured 5 local, Fil-Am bands)

August 7 - Holiday Inn Music Hall, National City, CA **

* Produced by Donnarich Productions
** Produced by Happy Box
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"aloha milkyway" promotional tour
Courtesy of BMG Records & MTV Southeast Asia

September 9 - Tower Records **
September 10 - Hard Rock Cafe

September 11 - HMV * / Zoukclub **

Note: this was a tour of Singapore that included various appearances & interviews for MTV Asia*, acoustic in-store performances** & autograph signings, photo shoots, etc.
* the Eheads was featured on MTV's "Hot Seat", "Videography" & "Most Wanted" shows

"eraserheads live! down under"
Fairfield Showground, Sydney, Australia, April 25th
Produced by Center Stage Entertainment
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"eraserheads & francism - live in concert!"
double-bill concert

Hyatt Regency Golf Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 1999

Note: this was a special back-to-back show with friend rapper/rocker, FrancisM
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"the pop machine tour - usa2000"
New York - Chicago - San Jose - LA - San Diego
Presented by Happy Box

May 19 - Colden Center for the Performing Arts, CUNY - Queens College, Flushing, NY *
May 27 - North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, Skokie, IL **

June 2 - Cactus Club, San Jose, CA ***

June 3 - The Palace, Hollywood, CA ****

June 10 - Scottish Rites Center, San Diego, CA *****

* Produced by the Philippine Independent Communications, Ltd & Synchronicity Productions
** Produced by BrownOdds Productions in cooperation with Happy Box

*** Produced by Synchronicity Productions in cooperation with Happy Box

**** Produced by Happy Box

**** Produced by Dream Ventures

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