hey word up, its tuesday after midnight (march 14, 2000) i'm kicking back
and i figure its been a while since the last pillbox installment and id don't
smell a new one coming up soon so i decided to whip up a little newsletter
for the eheads fans.
    so here's what we been up to lately.  lets start at jan 2000 new year's
eve, just for simplicity's sake hehehe.  we played 3 shows that day, the
first one was that party in makati where ely almost missed the show because
he got stuck in makati avenue and there was a gazillion  people on the
street, on tv and on stage and we couldn't hear anything on the monitors and
that camera crew kept tripping on the wires hehehe and marcus had his
homemade drum machine/theremin/spaceguitar and the fireworks were awesome and
it was fun.  then we head to run to boom na boom for another show, rivermaya
was just finishing their set it was 12:30 am, by the time we finished ours at
around 1:30 am the crowd was just beginning to arrive hehehe everyone decided
to sp end midnight in their homes.  last stop was back in makati where we
played zu.
    the rest of january and february was the usual gigs around town during
weekdays and off to the provinces on weekends (we played zamboanga with
parokya).  there was this nescafe show at the fort with apo that was really
exciting.  we had two bands on stage and the ugoy ugoy hornsection playing
together on a few production numbers.  we played a couple of campuses which
was wild and funky and I really enjoyed it like the Saint  Mary's afternoon
show, the up fair, the ncba fairview gig, olivares in sucat and some more
that Ican't remember right now.  but basically students rock!
    we also did a few tv guestings.  waiting for our turn in tv sucks and we
get 1 minute to soundcheck except when we guest on martin's show which I
really dig cos we get to set up properly and play a lot of songs and he's a
good host and interviewer.
    radio, we all hate doing radio tours cos traffic's a bitch going to all
the stations in the city and a lot of dj's don't really know how to handle
interviews and sometimes we end up making fun of them which is cruel so we
try not to do it anymore hehehe.  we'd rather play radio gigs like the
concert series in rx, live summer shows by nu, the club shows for rt and all
the anniversaries and whatnots of the other stations (ls celebrates
everything several times a year) but its all fun.
    i think club shows are fun cos its intimate and we get to play some songs
that we seldom play or have never played live before.  we usually have an
hour and a half straight sets but it gets  extended if we enjoy it (so clap
and cheer a lot, hint hint we're easy to please hehehe).
    we're currently playing a modified party set right now (as opposed to a
rock set, or semi-acoustic set) with the addition of a drum machine so we can
try to get some booty shakin'.  we played a couple of extended sets last
weekend in ritual and at the up theater cos we were having fun with the new
sounds.  the up show got to almost 2 and 1/2 hours baby!
    side projects, aside from playing wid sandwich i'm co-producing the
ciudad album wid sancho (the ois man) under bmg so check it out soon.  ely is
doing some home recording with his new toys, buddy is playing keys for the
Jesus Christ Superstar production this summer, and u can catch marcus with
the flaming katols, pepe smith or on that spacejam at big sky mine on sundays.
    well planning to record the new eheads album after the summer, in the
meantime check out our new party set and see you in the shows. peace!


from a newsletter that was handed out at Bud Boyz on April 13th
posted by circusfreak, Tin / April 14, 2000

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