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I’m not much a rock and music fan but I do understand that every kind of music has its own running theme. In this case, rock and roll’s overall theme touches an everything in its path – be it sex, drugs and violence – a dogma since either, that I condone its proliferation, most especially if its espouses such acts.

Music in its entirely is the ‘imitation of life’ of life its expression should not be misconstrued as esposing horrendous acts. Lyrics has a double-edged characteristics, and the audience are wise enough to distinguish right from wrong. Let’s not treat our audience as if they’re lower animals that could not discriminate. Let’s be open-minded with our music as we are open-minded to the questionable reputation of some entitles that we elected. Go with “freedom of expression” ---Ed


24 August 1995

Dear Senator Sotto:

Greetings! We, the Eraserheads, are forwarding this letter in the hope that whatever misinterpretation of our song entitled “Alapaap” will soon be cleared up.

We have not forgotten, in fact we have taken to heart, our, responsibility to the public, especially the youth. Therefore, glorifying/promoting drug and substance abuse is not part of our goal, and is far from our imagination. We are 100% against it.

In the press release of the Junior Drug Watchers, it states that, “The song ‘Alapaap’ does not mention drugs but it describes the sensation of ‘trip’ felt by someone on drugs.” Words could mean anything and could be interpreted to mean everything, and people certainly definitely differ with one another in interpreation.

We are saddened by the fact that this song, “Alapaap”, which the band considers to be our “ode to freedom” as artists in our society, was dubbed as an “ode to drug abuse”, by the Junior Drug Watchers. But as artists we are willing subjects to different opinions of the public and our work subject to different interpretations.

We believe in your judgment and we are more that sure that whatever action is to be done by good office will be beneficial to the public in general, and the youth in particular. Rest be assured that we will always be supportive of the campaign against drug abuse.

Thank you very much for your time.


Marcus Adoro
Raymund Marasigan
Ely Buendia
Buddy Zabala

Ann Angala

(with their corresponding signatures)


Have you ever seen or heard of the Junior Drugwatch brouhaha?

About Teeth’s “Laklak”, and Yano’s “Iskolar ng Bayan” as drug-abuse suggesting songs?

Well, no doubt about Eraserheads “Alapaap” dahil ode talaga sa mahiwagang damo ‘yon, but “laklak” and “Iskolar ng bayan”?


Depensa ng ‘Heads, and alapaap daw ay parang piyesa para sa artist’s freedom of expression. Tama yon. So what kung ano ang gustong trip ninuman na sulatin at kantahin, di ba? Basta’t ang alam ko, people of the Philippines (2000) have the right of expression sabi ng Constitution. At, tatlo lang ang alam ko na bawal: libel, slander at obscene. Don’t know the right terms for these. Y’see, im not a law student. Got a rotten memory chip. Teka pala, pag ang security ng state ay alanganin dahil sa freedom of expression natin, medyo bawal rin yata yon. Sabi ni titser.

According to several spies, questionable character daw whoever are the people behind the Junior Drugwatch. Marami nang giunawang forum para ditto pero dehins daw sumisipot and mga taga Junior Drugwatch. Tamang pang-press release lang ba? And, as I’ve said before, ang ‘press release’ sa ganang amin ay medyo pautot lang.

But some camps actually belive there is something more to this than plain press release. Bakit ho, mga Mama at mga Aleng taga-drugwatch, do you mean to say and mga kantang ‘to ay may impluwensya sa mga kabataan para gumamit ng droga?

May nagsabi rito, “Nagpapatwa lang ang mga yan.”

O, pano dear readers, kilitiin nyo muna ang mga sarili nyo, baka sakaling matawa kayo.

Yeah, I know, this is not funny.

In fact, bumigay na raw ang PARI (Philippine Association of Recording Industry) na ang mga miyembro ay syempre, mga may-ari ng mga recording sompanies sa pressure na ‘to. I was not able to quote the exact “ordinance” they’ve passed but more or less, it’s the rule na raw na maglagay ng “advisory” sa bawat album na may “explicit lyrics” at pati radio airplay ng mga ito, regulated. Nice. Ba’t kaya di na lang tuloy-tuloy na ipagbawal lahat para lahat ng ipe-play ng kahit ninuman ay may ROYALTY charge? Para mamatay na ang FM radio industry pati songhits industry. Yep, In a more common term, colorum ang mga FM radio stations natin at pati na rin ang mga songhits na ‘to. Kasi, limpak-limpak na salapi ang mga utang nila sa mga recording companies at mga artists dahil hindi sila sumusunod sa COPYRIGHT LAW. O, di ba, at may copyright law? Ano yon. Actually, hindi ko rin alam. Basta. ‘Yon na ‘yon.

Teka lang, ha nawawala na ako sa aking original topic.

Bat kaya hindi kasama sa listahan ang “Way Of The Plan” ng Masta Plan? O, yong mga taga-Drugwatch, may idadagdag na kayo sa mga ka-ek-ekannyo, courtesy of yours truly. (inaaay, kinikilibutan ako)

Pero mga taga-Drugwatch, siguro naman hindi kaila sa inyo na KSP lang ang tanging dahilan ng mga karamihang nagiging drug addict. But I’m sure, you already know that, kasi naintindihan yong Alapaap e. Im not drunk. Im simply happy about all the things happening around our music industry. Im happy and dumb.

Haven’t heard (or read) yet what the Senator said about all these things. Ang alam ko, natuwa sya sa tinuran ng Eraserheads na mgiging cooperative sila sa Dry=ugwatch team. NapaWOW pa nga yata so Arthur e. Basta ako, natatawa.

Tsaka, eto pa: ban na raw ang Sepultura, et al. isa pang HAYNAKU.

Duda pa ng isang editor ditto sa songhits, baka naman gusto nilang patayin ang “rock” music dahil most of the time, yon ang tugtugang narerelate sa drugs and violence?

Baka nga?
O baka naman may presidentiable from the Drugwatch team? May kilala akong “Mang Pandoy” equivalent na isang ROCKSTAR, anyone?

as posted by circusfreak, MJ / Jan. 29, 2005


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