as read onstage, broadcast live on-air at Magic 89.9 circa 9:15 PM

Dear friends,

The past few weeks have been full of heart-pounding action and drama.
It's also been witness to one of the strangest moments in my life.
Until now, as I write this down, I can still scarcely believe that I
just went through a relatively new procedure to clear three clogged
arteries in that little organ we call the heart. Not to mention the
fact that I almost took an early trip to Pleasantville. Yes the worst
is over, but there is more work to be done, more medication, more
trips to the hospital, more aimless walks around the neighborhood,
more flavorless, sodium-free food to be eaten (perhaps forever), until
I can carry Eon again or even pick up my electric guitar and do the
thing that we all love to do. It's a long, agonizing wait.
And trust me; I would be there with all of you in an instant if my
doctor said I could or if I had actually known about it. Surprise,
surprise, a bunch of thoughtful souls decided to stage a benefit on my
behalf without telling me.
I have to be honest; I would rather be the one playing onstage right
now than be the reason for all the commotion. But as Marcellus
Wallace in Pulp Fiction said, "That's just the pride talkin'."
Another part of me is genuinely grateful and endlessly touched by the
love and support that everyone has given me and my family. One is
rarely given an opportunity to see who his friends really are, much
less thank them. So bear with me as I take a few music-free moments
to do so. It's the least I could do.
A big thanks to the staff of the Philippine Heart Center. Dr.
Wilfred Dee whose sure hand and kind voice made healing a quick and
painless process. Thanks also to his secretary Constance Quiambao and
the peeps at Johnson and Johnson. The people who have given more than
anyone else, Mr. Don Ventura and the whole Ventura clan, Donna, Dong,
Dina, Ding, Dang, Mong, Dale, Don, and Deneese. My mom, my brother,
and my sisters. Everyone who made my stay in the ICU a little more
bearable. To name just a few, the boys of Rivermaya and Parokya, The
Pupil Listers, Buddy and Earnest Zabala, Tommy and Marilen Tanchanco,
and Francis Magalona. To the media, GMA 7 and ABS-CBN, Ms. Shirley
Pizarro from Manila Bulletin who made sure I was still alive in the
newspapers and television. Donna and Mr. Ong of Pony, my label Sony
BMG, Ms. Day Cabuhat, my brothers in Pupil and their better halves,
and of course, my best half, the one who has saved my life once again,
Of course let us not forget the people who made this event happen in
the first place. Thanks to Ms. Julie Pacana, Ricky Lee, Tintin
Bersola, all members of the LivEly Organizing Committee, Magic 89.9,
PMX, all the bands who are playing today and each and every one in the
audience, I thank you all from the bottom of my recuperating heart.
Before the party continues, I would just like to make one more
announcement: In the same spirit of charity which you have all shown
today, Diane and I have decided to donate a big portion of the
proceeds of this event to a charity of our choice.
Again, thank you all and party on. This means so much to me.
Despite the actual length of my letter, I am actually still speechless
and extremely overwhelmed.
Thank you, thank you.

Yours truly,
Ely Buendia

as posted by Pupil guitarist/vocalist, Yan Yuson in the Pupil yahoogroups mailing list
From: yan_yuzon@hotmail.com
Date: Jan. 28, 2007; 5:47:37 pm, PST

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