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Date: Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:45 am
From: "Robin Daniel Z. Rivera" <> robinrivera2001

Starting now, I will from time to time try to post answers to listers questions
about the band. There has been a lot of talk about historical errors recently , and when I
am able, I will attempt to set the record straight. I take gathering my recollections and
memory seriously, and am careful not to spread erroneous information. This takes time
and effort because I must look for evidence before I post anything. So please don't expect
prompt replies from me. If I don't have proof, I will simply not reply. If I do, I will
try to give an answer.

I think this has been discussed before, so for the benefit of those who don't
have the patience to sift through the archives, FOR THE RECORD, here is my recollection
of the events surrounding Medwin's "non-apppearance" on three songs in Fruitcake.

The song "Christmas Party" was originally recorded with Ely, Francis, and Medwin
alternating on the verses, and singing unison in the choruses. On "Santa Ain't
Coming No Mo", it was Ely and Medwin. On "Merry Christmas Everybody, Happy New Year Too",
Medwin was one in the crowd of carollers. Eli had been hanging out with Medwin at the time,
and asked Medwin to be a guest on Fruitcake. We made our record company BMG aware of this,
and we assumed they were making representations with Medwin's record company while
we were recording the album. The album had already been mixed, the inlays had
already been printed, and the release was imminent when suddenly, BMG instructed us to remove
all of Medwin's vocals in the album. I do not know exactly what went on between the two
record companies, but I speculate that negotiations between BMG and Medwin's record
company broke down. So we had no choice but to REMOVE MEDWIN'S VOCAL TRACKS from the 24-
track masters, replace the deleted parts with new takes from Ely, remix the
songs, and re-assemble the whole album. Medwin's name was therefore simply blotted out of the
inlays with a felt pen because it was too late to have the inlays re-printed. As far as
I know, Medwin had nothing to do with this fiasco. He too was bothered, but was bound by
his contract.

The version I played in the EB was not a demo, but my personal cassette copy of
the actual mixed version that still had Medwin's vocals. Probably the only other surviving
copies of anything with Medwin on it are personal cassette copies of the band members (if
they still have them), and the first set of DAT (Digital Audio Tape) masters that I
submitted to BMG before the removal was ordered. I doubt if BMG will ever release it, given the
IPR issues that created the problem in the first place. And I myself can not, and will not
make copies of it for anyone for the same reason.


schizo's scan of the 'Fruitcake' CD sleeve showing the blacked out' names of Medwin Marfil (of True Faith)


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