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Please be advised that some of these sites need some serious updating and/or have been long-abandoned by their webmasters.
If possible, dead links are linked to a (a cached archive site) if available. :: The official Eraserheads website during "Carbon Stereoxide" (2001) now totally defunct! [archived]
The domain name/URL is currently owned by The Schizo Archives for this very website.

:: audio stream, mp3, midi, tabs & lyrics
Eraserheads @ Spotify
Eraserheads @ Apple Music
Eraserheads @ Amazon Music
Eraserheads @ Google Play
Eraserheads @ Deezer
Eraserheads @ Pinoy
> unlicensed audio streaming of official releases & bootlegs
Eraserheads @ Who Sampled > samples, covers & remixes
O.P.M. Realms : The Eraserheads
Other Recordings by Dave LaDelfa [archived]
Eraserheads - "Maselang Bahaghari"
Eraserheads Lyrics at Lyricfreak.Com

:: video stream
schizo's Eraserheads Video Vault @ > my Eheads channel =)
Eraserheads Vevo @ > Official Vevo Channel
Official Eraserheads YouTube Channel
> Sony-BMG Music Philippines [videos deleted]

:: yahoo groups / mailing lists / community
Eraserheads > band-approved mailing list since 1998; managed by PhilMusic.Com (hosted by Yahoo Music Groups). This is already dead as of December 19, 2019 =(

Sticker Happy Parade [archived] > Circus listers' Multiply Group

:: certified circusfreak fan sites
Taj Mahal’s e-site > by Taj Mahal Ibrahim (Quezon City, Phils.)

:: cool fan sites
Tristan's Eraserheads Smackdown Page
Lennie, Jonats and Aleli's Eraserheads Page
Ate Solly's Eraserheads Page
Eraserheads' "Alapaap"
A Salute to Eraserheads
Eraserheads: Music To My Ears [archived] - WAV sound clips, lyrics, discography, animation
Mary Ocampo's Unofficial Eraserheads Home Page [archived] - The original fan site, still going strong - needs updating though
[Original URL:]
Alex Ebora's Site [dead site] - [dead site]

:: classic "version 1.0" sites > by Dudj Zaragoza > by Lilet Sunny

:: blogs
It's the Trip, Not the Destination [archived] > Eraserheads on Multiply.Com (by Alekz)

:: eheads' graphic designers
Cynthia Bauzon [archived] > did the album packaging for "Aloha Milkyway"; did covers for "Fruitcake", "Natin99", "Carbon Stereoxide", "The Singles (Himig Dekada 90) & "Anthology"
Dino Ignacio > did the covers for "Bananatype" & "Sticker Happy"; did the art direction & photography for "Aloha Milkyway"
Mark Justiniani > did the cover artwork for "Circus" [dead site]

:: etc
Eraserheads on Wikipedia
> the #1 Philippine Music website
Philmusic [archived]
Pupilopolis@MySpace > Pupil's MySpace.Com page (official?)
Sandwich@EMI > Sandwich's official label-run website (old "official" site by Cynthia Bauzon [archived])
Sunny Records [archived] > Marcus Adoro's indie label
Markus Highway [archived] > Marcus Adoro's project
The Eraserheads [archived] > a young 3-piece indie/art/punk band from London, England (so it'd be appropriate to refer to them as
"Eraserheads UK"). The band is no longer around.

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