dear listers,

allow me to express my deepest thanks to all of you who came to the aid of
diane when some worm was blasting her (and me) on the net. it's great to
have people like you around who can still be counted on to be on the side of
coolness and truth. i can't tell you how grateful i am.

and yani, well, let's just say he has proven himself a real friend in these
troubling times. folks, even though sometimes he conducts your community
like the gestapo, he is a good man and worthy of your ears.

but before we take out our handkerchiefs, i have to ask your help once
again, because apparently the hating is still not over. just this week
diane's sister informed her that the same girl you kicked out of the egroup
has managed to malign her in the very community that she holds dear, her
school. the bastard went to the lengths of researching where diane was
studying, somehow managed to infiltrate the online community, and started
dropping stinkbombs everywhere, much to the shock of everyone, including our
friends and family. this is not just slander people. it's a vengeful and
ugly thing to do. but i don't expect much from ugly people. i don't have to
tell you how low and despicable this is. it's crossing the line. it's
simply too much. i hate liars, especially liars who are eheads fans.

if you personally know this lowlife, please kill her for me. i am serious.
she does not deserve to live. she has dished out bad things about diane in
lasalle lasalle online boards, words that are just plain stupid, but hurtful
nonetheless. why someone would want to hurt anybody that way is beyond me.
why people like that continue to exist i can only guess.

if it is beyond your means to kill her, then just tell her to hide. if i see
as much as a shadow of her i will squash her like the useless worm that she

i want people to know that i won't stand for people who are backstabbers,
ingrates, stupid ugly fools, presumptuous oafs, opportunists, disrespectful
dopes, social-climbers, and backstabbers. did i forget to mention
backstabbers? why'd you all think i left the 'heads in the first place? the
lowlife who calls herself a girl fits most of these descriptions. they
should not be tolerated nor allowed outside of their holes. we should, in
gandalf's words, cast these foul beasts into the abyss.

finally, for those who are still harboring ill thoughts, this i will say.
let it go. whatever's bugging you, whether it be insecurities or the fact
that you still can't accept that the eheads are just a fucking band that has
passed and does not merit any more attention than what you should give
yourself, let it go. stop living in the past. that's what i did, and you can
say i'm happier than i've ever been in my life. i love my band, i love my
new fans, i have the cutest baby in the world, and most especially, i love

again thank you for all you've done.

paranaque, august 2004

from an email sent by Ely Buendia to be forwarded to the mailing lists
Date: Thu Aug 19, 2004 7:38 pm
Subject: An Open Letter to All Listers!


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