Cover by Schizo

RX Concert Series: "Ultraelectromagneticpop!" Promo
– Oct. 20, 1993

Re-release: September 2009

01: Ligaya
02: [interview]
03: Shake Yer Head
04: [interview] / “Next In Line” ("After Image" cover/snippet) *
05: Pare Ko
06: [interview] / “Don’t Worry, Be Happy / What’s Up?” (spoof/snippet)
07: Maling Akala
08: [interview]
09: Combo On The Run **
10: [interview]
11: Shirley ** + [interview] / “thank you! ang babait ninyo!”

Performed live at "The RX Concert Series”, RX 93.1 FM; October 20, 1993 Wednesday
Hosted by: Del DeVito

Featuring back-up vocals by: Jeng Tan & Zeejay (of Keltscross)
* Chuck Isidro (of After Image) drops by!
** acoustic-bossa nova; first time in doing this version!
+ features snippets of “She Loves You”/”Yesterday”/”Winter Wonderland”/”Pare Ko”

Courtesy of Jiggs Constantino

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