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Remixes & Reworkings
Release: October 17, 2008

01: Maselang Bahaghari (Tunog Kalye Mix)
02: Huwag Kang Matakot (Tunog Kalye Mix)
03: Julie Tearjerky (Tunog Kalye Mix)
04: Ang Huling El Bimbo (Tunog Kalye Mix)
05: Harana (Tunog Kalye Mix)
06: Ligaya (Tunog Kalye Mix)
07: Maskara (Mascara Mix by Squid 9)
08: Ang Huling El Bimbo (The Dense Modesto Remix)
09: Sa Tollgate (Sort of Remixed - Remix by Jeff Junatas)
10: May Sumasayaw (E-Mix by mkiglobal)
11: Maskara (Festival Mix by Squid 9)
12: Shadow (by Dave Ladelfa)
13: Huwag Mo Nang Itanong (Karaoke Version by Dave Ladelfa)
14: Policewoman (by Dave Ladelfa)
15: Downtown (by Jeff Junatas)

1-6 Remixed by various remixers; CDs available all over the Philippines' "pirate cd" shops!
7 & 11 Remixed by Squid 9 (aka Raymund Marasigan); 7 - from "Deleted Scenes" (2002); 11 - unreleased
8 & 10 unknown remixers; downloaded from the Eraserheads Mailing List "Yahoogroups" site
9 & 15 Remixed/Performed by Eraserheads fan/Circus lister, Jeff Junatas
12-14 Performed by American Eraserheads fan/musician, Dave LaDelfa (Santa Barbara, CA, U.S.A.); MP3s courtesy of Limited Sector Recordings

Thanks to:
Squid 9
Eraserheads Mailing List -
Jeff Junatas -
Dave LaDelfa -
Limited Sector Recordings -

MP3 are of different sources & bitrates; sound quality may differ from one another

Suggestion (optional): Skip tracks 1 to 6. They're just your typical, monotonous "dance beat" art-less remix!

Exclusively compiled for CircusFreaks United
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